Communities Hold the Key to Reinventing Education

In my opinion, it is an amazing time to be alive; what we can accomplish today and the opportunities we […]

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Virtual Reality Site Visit

VR Site Visits: Anytime, Anywhere Experiences

At Mason, we recently asked teachers what they wanted us to know about them as learners. The vast majority of […]

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Innovative Classroom

What’s up with #WTW? Walkthrough Wednesday Reflection

One of the most inspiring activities I’ve been part of at Mason City Schools is Walkthrough Wednesday. Every Wednesday, the […]

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We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know #IMMOOC

We don’t know what we don’t know. I’ve been reflecting upon this Howard Ford quote, “If we had asked people […]

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The Most Underutilized Resource in Our Schools

Sometimes, an author’s words light your soul on fire, and you know you can’t go back to the way it […]

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Framework for Measuring Innovation in Education

Measuring Innovation in Education: Are you in the zone?

When discussing innovation in education, I often hear, the stakes are high, higher than that of the “business world.” Failing […]

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Innovation - ripples

Innovation Recap: Keynote, Google Drive & Email Hack

Apple released its iPhone X, Home Pod, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the latest iteration of the Apple Watch […]

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XPRIZE: Big Hairy Problems for Students

My grandmother, an educated, articulate woman, suffered from altzheimers for almost a decade before she left our world with virtually […]

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Apple Keynote

10 Reasons to Let Students Watch the Apple Keynote

9.12.2017 – 1 PM EST Apple’s cult-like following eagerly awaits the Apple Keynote scheduled for September 12th. Why? Because Apple […]

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Make a wish

Turn Tragic Stories into Innovations

On my way home this week, the flashing blue lights in my rear-view mirror demanded attention, followed by the shrill […]

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