Strategies for Encouraging Soft Skills in the Classroom

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity comprise what we call the 4Cs. These skills also fall into the “soft skills” […]

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How to Improve Student Engagement & Information Retention by 29%!

Sunni Brown, an author, business owner and visual notetaking evangelist debunks the idea that doodling is a distraction and that […]

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I learn by....

Key Takeaways from Innovative Teachers

This week, I had the pleasure of attending three events where the number of teachers significantly outweighed administrators and each […]

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PLCs Aren’t Just for Teachers!

In the Fall, I heard a teacher from another district say, “if the district introduces something with an acronym, we […]

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How Blogging Changed My Life

When I was young, I remember late nights writing on narrow lined loose leaf notebook paper creating stories, placing them […]

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4 Tips You Can Use

3 Innovation Tips from Amazon, Apple, and Google

Over the past year, I’ve spent considerable time researching what makes companies innovative and how those attributes, methodologies, styles, and […]

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Easy & Fun Way to Get Feedback from Students and Staff

Can staff help improve the culture? Can students help teachers think of new and engaging ways to learn? Yes! Relieve […]

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Student Tech Conference

Student-Led Innovation Conference #studentstreetcred

The day before spring break in my elementary school (40 years ago) equated to extra recess, movies, and killing time. […]

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Personalized Learning, UDL, and Innovation with Kathleen McClaskey

Kathleen McClaskey, co-author of How to Personalize Learning and Make Learning Personal joins me for a personal interview about personalized […]

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Sixth Grade Coder Solves Parent Pickup Issue

In·no·va·tion  [inəˈvāSH(ə)n/] – a new method, idea, product, etc. One day, while at Maddux Elementary in Cincinnati, Ohio, I spoke […]

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