From Flavor-of-the-Month to Sustainable Innovation

Are you familiar with saying flavor-of-the-month? Initiatives, products, and strategies frequently come into ed-space with an initial jolt of excitement, […]

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Innovator's Mindset

Do You Have an Innovator’s Mindset?

An Innovator’s Mindset, the second Essential Condition for Sustainable Innovation, builds on Carol Dweck’s work studying the growth mindset. What […]

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Culture of Trust

A Culture of Trust for Sustainable Innovation: Interview with Judith E. Glaser

The Essential Conditions for Sustainable Innovation consist of Culture, Mindset, and Opportunity. Innovating can be exciting, exhilarating, and fun but […]

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ED Leadership: Get out of the Office for a Boost

Today, we hosted a Straight A Grant site visit at our Middle School and it touched me enough to share […]

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Team Graphic

Work Smarter and Innovate More: Flatten the Organization

Organizational charts are necessary for decision making and budgeting but the same structure can create a disconnect from “boots on […]

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Leadership Graphic

ED Leadership: Little Changes Make a Big Difference

According to the Statistic Brain Institute, only 9.2% of people felt they were successful achieving their previous New Year’s Resolution. […]

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