Thank You for Writing #IMMOOC

Beyond grateful for the past six weeks with #IMMOOC. I’ve been reflecting upon the courageous words of many thoughtful professionals. […]

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You - Learner

Hey Educators, How Do YOU Learn Best?

In education, our attention generally looks at the student. It is certainly our end goal but to effectively educate our […]

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PLCs Aren’t Just for Teachers!

In the Fall, I heard a teacher from another district say, “if the district introduces something with an acronym, we […]

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Personalized Learning, UDL, and Innovation with Kathleen McClaskey

Kathleen McClaskey, co-author of How to Personalize Learning and Make Learning Personal joins me for a personal interview about personalized […]

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Love Learning


Two elusive phrases, student agency, and teacher agency are finding their way into strategic plans, Twitter feeds, and publications everywhere. […]

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Dyslexia, Innovation and Personalized Learning

When I want to quit and feel that changing the way we teach kids is a futile endeavor, I remember […]

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Passion Based Teacher Group

Passion-Driven Teachers Study Personalized Learning: The Merakis

In my last blog post featuring a group of 6th Grade Teachers from Mercer Elementary, an organic group named Meraki […]

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User Experience

What Education Can Learn From Software Developers

Software developers epitomize the Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck), Innovator’s Mindset (George Couros), and Grit (Angela Duckworth). If developers didn’t have […]

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